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Colombia’s many wanted medicine lord ‘Otoniel’ seized in forest raid

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Colombian security power bring grabbed the country’s the majority of need medication trafficker, an outlying warlord who remained on the run for over ten years by corrupting condition authorities and aligning himself with combatants regarding remaining and correct.


  • Usuga could be the alleged head of the Gulf Clan, a notorious drug cartel and paramilitary team
  • The united states have offered a $US5 million benefit for his catch
  • Colombian regulators stated Usuga intimately mistreated underage ladies

President Ivan Duque likened the arrest of Dairo Antonio Usuga on the catch three many years ago of Pablo Escobar.

“This is the greatest hit against drug trafficking in our country this century,” Mr Duque mentioned during a broadcast video message.

One officer died throughout the process, Mr Duque said.

Usuga, better-known by their alias Otoniel, could be the so-called head for the much-feared Gulf Clan, whose military of assassins has actually terrorised a lot of north Colombia attain power over biggest cocaine smuggling channels through heavy jungles north to main America as well as on to the people.

‘most significant drug kingpin in Colombia’

He has always been an installation in the me Drug Enforcement management’s more wanted fugitives record, with a $US5 million prize continuous for his capture.

Government mentioned intelligence offered by the united states and UNITED KINGDOM directed more than 500 soldiers and people in Colombia’s unique power to Usuga’s forest hideout, which was secure by eight bands of protection.

Their arrest is something of an improvement for all the traditional chairman Mr Duque, whoever legislation and purchase rhetoric happens to be no complement for increasing cocaine production.

Though Mr Duque mentioned Otoniel’s capture represented the end of the Gulf Clan, Colombia issues evaluation manager Sergio Guzman said a new chief would definitely be waiting to take control of.

“It is a big deal because he is the largest drug kingpin in Colombia,” Mr Guzman mentioned, but included your capture will never replace the principles of medicine trafficking.

“Otoniel can be sure to getting changed.”

Giving medication on the United States

He was initial indicted in ’09, in New york’s federal legal, on narcotics charges and also for presumably promoting assistance to a far-right paramilitary people selected a terrorist organization by the United States authorities.

Afterwards indictments in Brooklyn and Miami federal courts implicated your of importing to the United States about 73 metric a lot of cocaine between 2003 and 2014 through countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Honduras.

But like many of their gunmen, he’s got in addition cycled through ranking of numerous guerrilla teams, of late claiming to lead the Gaitanist self-defense Forces of Colombia, after a mid-20th century Colombian leftist firebrand.

Ages away from home

Pablo Escobar’s hippos recognised as ‘legal people’ in everyone legal

In an initial, the united states Federal Court provides recognised animals as appropriate persons — specifically, the descendants of Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses who have thrived in Colombia because the notorious medication lord got killed practically thirty years before.

Colombian regulators established procedure Agamemnon in 2016 because they worked to close in on Otoniel, eliminating and getting a lot of their lieutenants, going after their finances and pushing him as consistently on the road, according to the police.

Leakages and a network of rural safer homes the guy supposedly relocated among every evening let your for many years to fight a scorched-earth promotion by army resistant to the Gulf Clan.

As he defied authorities, his legend as a bandit expanded alongside the scary tales told through Colombian regulators of the numerous underage girls the guy and his cohorts presumably mistreated sexually.

In 2017, a video in which Otoniel established his purpose add to fairness had been published, nevertheless the plan never involved fruition.

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